Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hurdle ahead

Day 3, and I'm facing a hurdle. Usually, I have work until 5:30, then class in the evenings 3 days a week. It's tough bringing all my food for the day with me every morning, but at least it means I have structure around my meal times. Today will be different, because I work only half day today, which means I wont have the work distraction after 2pm. I've planned what I'm going to eat today and brought a portion of it with me to work, but I still leave early and it's all those hours after work I'm worried about. It's gorgeous outside and smells like people are cooking everywhere- what is it about being on a diet that heightens your awareness of delicious smells?! My goal by the end of the day is to go through the day as planned- visit the local farmer's market, go to the gym for almost 2 hours, then come home and prepare dinner- all without straying from the planned menu. No cheating, not even a little bit.

I'll check in later today, after I get read for bed and report back on how well I did. I'm looking forward reporting another successful day. Tomorrow morning is my first 'official' weigh-in after these kick-start three days. I will be weighing in on Fridays from now on.

. . . . .

Alright, I did it! I didn't just get through the day, I got through walking by the mall food court and not even giving it a glance. I got through going to the grocery store and not giving in to the horrible-for-me fried prepared foods. I got through the farmer's market with the baked cookies and breads and pies (I thought farmer's markets were supposed to be healthy?! lol). I got through another day.

After all that, here's what I had for dinner... Mexican style chicken sausage with salad, delicious!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kathryn, I think it is grt you are planning ahead and taking your food to work with you. Keep it up!
Have a pretty day!

Raegun said...

You can do it!!! Have a good one.

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