Saturday, November 21, 2009


I finally went back to the gym today!

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical glider, on Random setting, Level 3. According to the machine I did 3 miles and burned 500 calories (not so sure I believe this one).

Yay!! :) When I was on the machine I felt such a rush, all the endorphins kicked in and I was so happy to finally be exercising in the gym again. Of course when I started I set the machine to 60 minutes and today I was only able to do 30, but you know what? I am ok with that. I went back, I did half an hour. I will keep going and adding on until I can get to that 60 minutes.

Hurt so good

        You know the pain and muscle soreness that comes from a great day at the gym? Abs hurting when you laugh because they have been crunched and twisted and exercised so hard? I like that feeling. I call it the good hurt and I look forward to it-- it makes me feel like I am achieving something through all my hard work exercising. Plus, it's an added benefit to know my body will be burning some extra calories repairing whatever it is that is causing the soreness in the muscles. I can't wait for the good hurt, I can already feel it in my legs from the long walk I took yesterday. Now I just need to exercise my abs, so I can feel it there too.

        Lately I've been feeling a different kind of good hurt, and I have to say it both makes me feel good and scares me. We all know that in order to lose weight we have to take in less calories than we burn, etc. Well, even with eating 6 times a day I am now taking in very much less calories than I was just a few months ago, and for the last 8 years. This has meant that almost every morning I wake up with a slight gnawing in my stomach. Sometimes I feel it during the day too. But it's not a horrible pain, like I used to get when I hadn't eaten all day and my body was asking for the one large meal a day I was scarfing down. No, this is more of a constant empty feeling, but not bad empty. I am not over full. I have not felt the extreme discomfort that comes after eating way more than is ever necessary for a long time now and I never want to feel it again. What scares me though is that I am getting used to the gnawing empty feeling. I am actually looking forward to it, and happy to feel it. I have started to equate this feeling to the weight loss, which really, it is. The less I eat, the more I lose. I am, however, scared that this will take me too far into the other direction. Back into the place of disordered eating... but the other side this time... Eating too little, starving myself because it feels good and the weight loss feels so great! I know that knowing is half the battle and I have to keep myself in check now. Make sure I am still getting in all my meals, make sure I am eating no less than 1200 calories a day, and make sure I don't stop eating because the weight loss feels so good. That will surely end badly, and I've adopted this lifestyle change to be healthier, not make my health deteriorate more!


        On a lighter note, today starts the first day of the Looking to the Future Christmas Challenge, and I am happy to report that as of this morning I am 242.6lbs. My goal is to lose 12.6lbs by the end of the challenge (Saturday December 26th), bringing me to 230lbs and also making this the first Christmas holiday I weigh less after than I did before! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is actually working!

Fall into Fitness, Week 3:

Current weight: 243.8lbs !
*Weight lost last week? -5.6lbs !!
*Goals for this week:
AGAIN, nothing much different from last week because I never got to the gym. I have been stressed with life as a student, studying for midterms, doing projects-- so basically I was just super strict with my eating and got in exercise when I could-- through walking everywhere and dodgeball (I play on a team 1 night a week, so much fun!).
- Make sure to prepare meals in advance when I know I wont be at home all day.
- Write down everything I eat and any exercise I do. (Once again, at the beginning of the week I dropped the ball on writing things down. I will be better about it this week because I've gotten back in the habit.)
- Try to go to the gym at least 3x by the end of the week. I MUST! (No gym last week, just walking and dodgeball.)
*Wins from last week... I definitely got back to eating healthy meals I cooked for myself. I brought leftovers for lunch and ate very healthy foods all week. That said, I really REALLY need to get back to the gym. I can feel my body and willpower reverting back to non-gym status. I am going to start tomorrow morning at the gym, see if I can nip this anti-gymness in the bud. I'm so glad I lost a big number this week, and I think I can do it again, or at least keep losing, as long as I go to the gym. I need to be preparing for the following week and how tough my first Thanksgiving on this lifestyle change business is going to be. I hope to bring tales from going to the gym next week! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had the swine flu! I couldn't exercise... I still lost weight?

Fall into Fitness, Week 2:

*Current weight: 249.4lbs
*Weight lost last week? -4.2lbs
*Goals for this week:
Nothing much different from last week because I still have the lingering side-effects of the flu I'm shaking off!
- Get back to eating healthy meals I cook for myself. (I spent last week eating soup I bought, not necessarily the healthiest...)
- Make sure to prepare meals in advance when I know I wont be at home all day.
- Write down everything I eat and any exercise I do. (I dropped the ball on writing things down. I will be better about it this week.)
- Try to go to the gym at least 3x by the end of the week. (I am still congested in the chest but hopefully that will pass in the next day or so.)
*Last week... I'm super excited I managed to lose 4.2lbs! I really need to get back to exercising. My body is actually craving it! Unfortunately I still have this cough and running isn't helping it any, so I haven't been to the gym or out for a run in a couple of weeks now. :( I can feel my body going back to it's couch-potato state! This is not good. Also, I felt too weak to go do the 5K last Sunday morning. Double :( At least my weight is down this week and I know what I have to work on for next week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Should I do it?

        So I signed up for a 5K that's going to be this Sunday... Here's the problem, I haven't exercised since I got sick soon after my last run, which was, oh October 27th! Add to that the fact that I only did 20 minutes of non-stop running that day... and only managed to run 1.5 miles in that time. I'm not sure I can go out on Sunday and double that distance... Should I do it? I've been sick, but I am feeling better, still congested, but better. Should I attempt this? I'm thinking of going and starting the run for the first 20 minutes, since I know I can do that, and then alternating between a walk and a run until I cross the finish line. I hope I can do this!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8 Week Challenge, Start weight 253.6lbs

Fall into Fitness, Week 1:
Alright ladies, and so it begins!

*Start weight: 253.6lbs
*Goals for this week:
- Get back to eating healthy meals I cook for myself.
- Make sure to prepare meals in advance when I know I wont be at home all day.
- Write down everything I eat and any exercise I do.
- Try to go to the gym at least 2x by the end of the week, as long as I am feeling better physically, no longer ill. I don't want to push it and end up prolonging the illness because that will mean more time out of the gym and more time spent feeling bad!
*Last week... sucked because I was sick in bed. I just ate soup and everything else that was brought to me, I did no exercise and just felt miserable. I am still feeling it in my throat and I have a cough, so I may not be able to go to they gym during the beginning of this week either. I want to make sure I am all better before I go back to strenuous exercise. Until then, at least I walk back and forth to my classes and get in some movement throughout the day. I can't wait to go back to C25K, I left off on Week 6, Day 1, and will pick back up on Day 2 as soon as I feel up to it.

Ready? Ready... set... go!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall into Fitness, 8 Week Challenge!

        So I just had the flu... no, not the swine flu (I don't think?!) just regular old flu. I've been AWOL for the last couple of days because I couldn't keep my head up long enough to write a post or even look at my computer! I'm feeling better now, at least somewhat, so here I am ready continue what I started last week. Thanks, you guys, for posting about the Challenge (if you have already), now let's get this thing started! :) Since I've basically been immobile in bed for the past few days I haven't had a chance to weigh-in or anything, so do you mind if we start weigh-ins tomorrow and follow up every Wednesday morning? Also, have I mentioned that apparently I don't know how to add? We need 1 extra week in order to make the challenge 8 weeks total, which means if the start date for the challenge is Wednesday November 4th, then the official last weigh-in will be Wednesday December 30, one day before we ring in the New Year 2010!

        I'll be keeping an official tally of numbers on the sidebar of my blog, so either post on your own page or send me an email for the week after you weigh-in on Wednesday and I will add (subtract!) numbers as we progress.

Fall into Fitness, 8 Week Challenge!
Start date Wednesday November 4, 2009

Official Rules:

1. Weigh-in once a week (final weigh-in will be on Wednesday December 30, but if you have another weigh-in day and want to keep that day until final weigh-in, that's fine, just try to do the same day every week).
2. Post on your blog once a week and mention your weight from the weigh-in and your goals for the week.
3. Also feel free to include in the post wins from the previous week, excitements, frustrations, etc, so we can encourage each other as we go along.

Good luck! I am so excited to do this with you guys (and sorry about the dates/starts being thrown off due to miscalculations and illness)!