Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guess who's back, back again?

Kathryn's back, tell a friend. No, really, tell a friend, I need support people!!

What's been going on since I signed in and posted last (other than weight gain :( )? I signed up at Weight Watchers on 1/29- this being the third time I've signed up for it (I'm a repeat offender at starting diets, losing weight, cheating, gaining weight, dropping diets, starting diets, vicious cycle, really)... I started following the new points+ program on and off, and have 'officially' been on it since March 8th. I have to say, I like it, it's going to work for me.

I'm back here because I need support- don't get me wrong, I do get some support at home, but I feel like since I've been attempting to lose this weight for about a decade now, those around me are probably skeptical about whether or not this is going to work out. I know I can do this, I am really committed and have been following the plan and also exercising. I just want this to be the last time I utter these words, I can do this, I am doing this, I will do this.

Here's why I know that I'm definitely getting through to the other side as a thinner, healthier, happier person this time-- I'm an emotional eater, it's what I do. Sad? Food. Lonely? Food. Feeling left out, like I was today? Food. All I want to do when I feel this way, really, is buy food, hide in a movie theater, eat and watch a movie. Yeah, I've actually done that several times. All I wanted to do today when I felt a lonely and left out was think of running into my old habits, forget the fact that I've been doing so well, quit, cheat, and (that old familiar standby) 'start again fresh tomorrow'. But I didn't. One thing I've learned on weight watchers is to plan ahead, decide what I'm going to eat ahead of time, figure out how many points it is, and just fit it into my day- no feeling bad about what I'm eating, because there's no 'cheating', no 'bad foods'. So I did just that! First of all, I refused to revert to my old bad habits. I knew I wanted to have chipotle for dinner, so I just figured out how many points it would be and ate it as a meal- no overeating, just dinner.

*Here's how I figured out the nutritional facts in the food I had at chipotle (and used those to calculate the points+):
- Chipotle nutrition information calculator
- Subway nutrition information calculator

*In addition to following the WW Points+ program, I've been doing the Couch to 5K program. Right now I've completed all of Week 1 and Week 2 Day 1. I don't really like running right now, but since it's a combination of walking and running, I've actually been ok with doing it. I know the more I do the easier it get's and that's pretty great motivation itself.

Goals for the week:

1. Stick with the WW Points+ program and stay within my daily points value.
2. FInish C25K Week 2 Day 2 and 3. Start C25K Week 3 Day 1.
3. Do weight training at the gym 3x.
4. Drink 99oz of water. Keep hydrated.

Yeah, I'm back. :)


Chai Latté said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooo happy to have you back!! :-)
I love Chipotle too... I got my meal there down to a very delicious 340 calories!

Anyway, welcome back... you're going to do great!

Kathryn Crawford said...

Thanks Chai!! :) I'm AM going to do great, and I'm glad to see you're doing well as well!! =)

Fat Chick on a Diet said...

I kept telling myself I'd start couch to 5k once I got below 200, and now that I'm just about there, the thought of starting to run doesn't appeal to me. I really envy people (like you!) who can convince themselves to just get up and do it.

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