Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is actually working!

Fall into Fitness, Week 3:

Current weight: 243.8lbs !
*Weight lost last week? -5.6lbs !!
*Goals for this week:
AGAIN, nothing much different from last week because I never got to the gym. I have been stressed with life as a student, studying for midterms, doing projects-- so basically I was just super strict with my eating and got in exercise when I could-- through walking everywhere and dodgeball (I play on a team 1 night a week, so much fun!).
- Make sure to prepare meals in advance when I know I wont be at home all day.
- Write down everything I eat and any exercise I do. (Once again, at the beginning of the week I dropped the ball on writing things down. I will be better about it this week because I've gotten back in the habit.)
- Try to go to the gym at least 3x by the end of the week. I MUST! (No gym last week, just walking and dodgeball.)
*Wins from last week... I definitely got back to eating healthy meals I cooked for myself. I brought leftovers for lunch and ate very healthy foods all week. That said, I really REALLY need to get back to the gym. I can feel my body and willpower reverting back to non-gym status. I am going to start tomorrow morning at the gym, see if I can nip this anti-gymness in the bud. I'm so glad I lost a big number this week, and I think I can do it again, or at least keep losing, as long as I go to the gym. I need to be preparing for the following week and how tough my first Thanksgiving on this lifestyle change business is going to be. I hope to bring tales from going to the gym next week! :)


100in12 said...

congrats kathryn!!! that's an incredible number.

go to the gym! do it! ;-)

Katie J said...

Yay!! That is an awesome loss!

I am trying to get in the gym groove but ughhhhh it is hard.

I am down 2 lbs. this week so I am at 260 :-) which is 1 lb away from a new decade AND less then 100 to go...

266 said...

Accidentally posted this on your previous post...

Wow! You had an amazing loss this week!!! Way to go!

Thanks for signing up for the Christmas Challenge... just a couple days till we start! I'm so excited to actually LOSE weight during the holidays for a change!

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