Saturday, November 21, 2009


I finally went back to the gym today!

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical glider, on Random setting, Level 3. According to the machine I did 3 miles and burned 500 calories (not so sure I believe this one).

Yay!! :) When I was on the machine I felt such a rush, all the endorphins kicked in and I was so happy to finally be exercising in the gym again. Of course when I started I set the machine to 60 minutes and today I was only able to do 30, but you know what? I am ok with that. I went back, I did half an hour. I will keep going and adding on until I can get to that 60 minutes.


100in12 said...

yaaaay go you!!

Sara said...

every workout counts. nice. also, you've made great progress in less than two months, you're doing awesome. i'm on board with you to take off a nice chunk of weight by xmas!!

Miz said...


and today?

will you return?

inquiring minds and all...


Katie J said...

Not sure if we are still doing the challenge but I am down 3 more lbs or 257. Thanks for keeping track of this.

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