Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had the swine flu! I couldn't exercise... I still lost weight?

Fall into Fitness, Week 2:

*Current weight: 249.4lbs
*Weight lost last week? -4.2lbs
*Goals for this week:
Nothing much different from last week because I still have the lingering side-effects of the flu I'm shaking off!
- Get back to eating healthy meals I cook for myself. (I spent last week eating soup I bought, not necessarily the healthiest...)
- Make sure to prepare meals in advance when I know I wont be at home all day.
- Write down everything I eat and any exercise I do. (I dropped the ball on writing things down. I will be better about it this week.)
- Try to go to the gym at least 3x by the end of the week. (I am still congested in the chest but hopefully that will pass in the next day or so.)
*Last week... I'm super excited I managed to lose 4.2lbs! I really need to get back to exercising. My body is actually craving it! Unfortunately I still have this cough and running isn't helping it any, so I haven't been to the gym or out for a run in a couple of weeks now. :( I can feel my body going back to it's couch-potato state! This is not good. Also, I felt too weak to go do the 5K last Sunday morning. Double :( At least my weight is down this week and I know what I have to work on for next week!


Chai Latté said...

I am so sorry about your flu.. but YAY for loss!! :-) You'll be good as new in no time!

100in12 said...

ditto everything chai said :-) you're doing great! feel better, take care of yourself! that matters most :-)

Katie J said...

Healing thoughts going your way girlie.

P.S. Lost 1 lb this week.

266 said...

Wow! You had an amazing loss this week!!! Way to go!

Thanks for signing up for the Christmas Challenge... just a couple days till we start! I'm so excited to actually LOSE weight during the holidays for a change!

266 said...

Whoops! Meant to put that on your most recent post!

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