Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall into Fitness, 8 Week Challenge!

        So I just had the flu... no, not the swine flu (I don't think?!) just regular old flu. I've been AWOL for the last couple of days because I couldn't keep my head up long enough to write a post or even look at my computer! I'm feeling better now, at least somewhat, so here I am ready continue what I started last week. Thanks, you guys, for posting about the Challenge (if you have already), now let's get this thing started! :) Since I've basically been immobile in bed for the past few days I haven't had a chance to weigh-in or anything, so do you mind if we start weigh-ins tomorrow and follow up every Wednesday morning? Also, have I mentioned that apparently I don't know how to add? We need 1 extra week in order to make the challenge 8 weeks total, which means if the start date for the challenge is Wednesday November 4th, then the official last weigh-in will be Wednesday December 30, one day before we ring in the New Year 2010!

        I'll be keeping an official tally of numbers on the sidebar of my blog, so either post on your own page or send me an email for the week after you weigh-in on Wednesday and I will add (subtract!) numbers as we progress.

Fall into Fitness, 8 Week Challenge!
Start date Wednesday November 4, 2009

Official Rules:

1. Weigh-in once a week (final weigh-in will be on Wednesday December 30, but if you have another weigh-in day and want to keep that day until final weigh-in, that's fine, just try to do the same day every week).
2. Post on your blog once a week and mention your weight from the weigh-in and your goals for the week.
3. Also feel free to include in the post wins from the previous week, excitements, frustrations, etc, so we can encourage each other as we go along.

Good luck! I am so excited to do this with you guys (and sorry about the dates/starts being thrown off due to miscalculations and illness)!


100in12 said...

well i'm glad you're feeling better now :-) i'll do a weigh-in tomorrow and let you know the results! i did some other goals, etc. earlier so i'll let those continut on for the week.

yay now in addition to glee i have Challenge Wednesdays to look forward to! :-D

Chai Latté said...

Oh don't feel bad! We're casual ladies ;-)
So glad you're feeling better, I had the flu too! yuck yuck.

I am excited to get this started!!

Chai Latté said...

Hi lady! My official Week #1 weigh in is 241.5lbs


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