Saturday, October 31, 2009

8 Week Challenge, here we come!

        8 Week Challenge starts tomorrow! I'm so excited that some of you have decided to do this with me! Katie J has even offered to make us a nice award the winner can post on her blog! :) I am really excited to do this, and no matter who wins with the most loss at the end, we know we're all going to be winners because we're all going to lose weight and have this extra motivation to help get though it, together!

        I suppose we should talk about some rules now. Right now here's everyone who responded and will be taking up the Challenge with me:
Katie J

        There are four of us and I will try to go leave messages for some of the other blogs I read and keep up with, see if anyone else wants to join. You guys should too! I don't know about the monetary prize, since it may or may not be extra motivating, if it's only $20. Although, in this economy, that could buy a smaller pair of on sale jeans! You guys let me know how if you want to do that or not.

        On to the 8 Week Challenge Rules. It seems so dry to just call it the 8 Week Challenge. What about adding some more to the name? The something 8 Week Challenge? Help me out! :) I think we should go Biggest Loser style with this and calculate % body weight loss rather than numbers. I mean we can collect weight loss numbers for 8 weeks and then calculate % of loss at the end, might be a little more accurate to determine who lost the most? Also, why don't we each write a post once a week stating our goals for the week and how we plan on making the best of it to get to our own goals by the end of 8 weeks? Please let me know if you guys think I should add anything to that and then I'll write up a new post for tomorrow stating all the rules again and my own goals for these coming 8 weeks.

I can't wait! :)


Chai Latté said...


Well, its November... So what about something like...

Fall Into Fitness: 8 Week Challenge
Healthy For The Holidays : 8 Week Challenge

Or something like that? :-)

Also, what day should we all do weigh in? Mon or Tues, perhaps?
Should we all weigh in here on your blog? We could even just do it via email or something.

Such a good idea this is!

100in12 said...

okay I wrote a post about goals and what not, not sure if it's under the "official" rules or not but it's there! good luck this week :-)

Also my vote is for Fall Into Fitness. But I like the other one too!

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