Sunday, October 4, 2009

256 lbs!

        Weigh-in was this morning, and I lost 6 lbs! I think that's pretty awesome for my first week. At first, the cravings were really horrible, but now, starting my second week, they seem to be getting a little better. Hopefully, soon enough they will be almost non-existent, more like how a normal body is supposed to operate, right?

        I've drastically changed my eating habits in the past week. I think in this week I've eaten more of a variety of food than I have in the past few years! Cooking for myself and making good food choices and writing everything down has been difficult at times, mostly because in the beginning all I wanted to do was run to the corner convenience store and buy a bag of chips. But now I'm making sure to reach for the apple, or the peach, or the popcorn instead. My body already feels a lot better. I abused it for so long with all the fast food I consumed, and yes, sometimes even purged, if only to make room for more. I find myself also thinking about food all the time now, like I never did before. I make sure I plan my meals ahead of time so I wont have the chance to mess up because I am not prepared when the hunger strikes. I look up recipes and nutritional information and wonder what I want to cook next and spend time writing down every last morsel. It might seem like a lot, but right now it's working. -6lbs means it's working and I am very happy about that, even if it has been time-consuming. I know that eventually it will be like second nature to me. Eating crap will no longer be the easy go-to option and I will find it easier to make these healthy decisions. Making the decisions has always been the easy part, it's sticking with it that I've found difficult. And so it begins, more weight loss means more motivation, means I can keep doing this because I have been doing this and it's working.

        Does anyone else find that eating healthier, making healthier choices has made you think about eating all the time? It's almost like an obsession. Who knew? Thinking about food all the time and yet losing weight because of the great choices I've been making... :)


Lori said...

Great job!

I think that for a while you do really think and almost obsess about food. The longer you do it and the more firmly entrenched your new habits become, the less you will think about it.

Chai Latté said...

Wow 6lbs!!!! Incredible! :-) I am SO proud :-)

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