Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's do a challenge, are you with me?

        I've had some major food fail in the last week. I went back to old bad habits and it really sucked. My body is feeling all sorts of gross because of it. Fortunately, I've kept up with the C25K running, so other than water I don't think I've put on any weight. I'm here, I haven't quit, I just faltered for a week. Stress looked me in the eye (and belly) and I crumbled. Stress 1, Kat 0. But I am focused again, and that's the first step, I think, to losing weight, keeping focus on the healthy lifestyle... I'm focused!

        Sometimes I need a little more to motivate me. A little fun, a little challenge. So here it is, an 8 Week Challenge, a nice round number of weeks to achieve a goal. So, from November 1 to December 19, I am going to push myself harder than I have so far. I am doubling, tripling my efforts. This Christmas my friends and family will see me thinner than they have in about 3 years. My goal? To lose at least 20lbs in 8 weeks. I will be down 20lbs by the time I weigh in on Sunday December 20th. This is going to be doubly rewarding. I will not only lose weight (best part), but also having worked my butt off (literally) for 8 weeks, by the time Christmas rolls around the week the challenge is over, I will have all that hard work I did to remind me why I should not give in to the temptation of the holiday meals. These next 8 weeks (which, by the way, include Thanksgiving and my finals week- both of which are going to test my resolve and ability to stick with the healthy lifestyle through one holiday and two weeks of crazy stress) are going to make me that much stronger, and healthier, and able to look at the spread on Christmas and New Years and pick the healthiest, smallest portions I've eaten on the holidays in years. So you can bet that when January 1st 2010 rolls around, I will be walking around with less rolls! and an even bigger resolve to make 2010 the year I achieve my goal of being 150lbs. :) I can't wait!

        Anyone want to do this with me? We can even name the challenge and make an award for the winner to display on their blog! Maybe we can even pitch in $5 each on paypal or something and winner gets a little extra dough for holiday shopping?


Chai Latté said...

I'm with you, sugar!!!

I'm happy to pitch in money to a pot, or a surprise award, or anything at all. I love a good challenge!

100in12 said...

I'll do it too! I've never done any challenge before and I'd really like to. And I need something to keep me motivated as the holidays/winter months approach!

Count me in!

Katie J said...

Hi Kathryn,

I am Katie J and I found your blog through 100in12. I am inspired by you and would love to join the challenge.

Let me know if you need me to pitch in some $$. I am also pretty crafty so if you would like me to make a prize I could do that too.

P.S. I am actually a Katherine too.

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