Sunday, October 18, 2009

Everything that was old is new again

        I am officially down a total of 15lbs since I started eating right and being accountable for my body, myself. Woohoo! I now have less than 100lbs to go! Ok, so it's like 96lbs, but still! Less than 100! I went out last night wearing my new (old, out of my closet, but never been worn before) size 18 jeans and it felt so so so good. I knew I looked a lot better than I have in the past few months and I felt great. Not to mention, I love shopping out of my own closet and having smaller sizes fit! So motivational. Even more motivating were the numbers on the scale at weigh-in this morning... 246.4lbs. Yes!

I am inspired.
I am excited.
I am scared.
I am happy.
I am ready.
Everything changes now.
I can't wait... to feel healthy... to feel lighter... to meet the thinner me... to love the thinner me... to shop in my own closet... to buy clothes in regular sizes! ...and to feel good (in general and about myself) because I know I look good!


266 said...

You lost four and a half pounds since your last weigh-in? Wow! Way to rock the scale girl! When I first started out with my blog I went onto a couple of weight loss forums and posted threads asked for people to come and check out my blog - I blatently asked for the encouragement. Maybe try that? I know how frustrating it can be when there are no or few comments. We write these online journals for ourselves, but the encouragement we recieve from readers goes a long way to helping us reach goal. Keep up the great work!!!

Chai Latté said...

Wow! Amazing progress! SO SO SO proud of you :-)

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